Bug4 & Bug2 Page    by Mike Sandlin

Last Update: April 28, 2010

The Bug2 airchair biplane (or sesquiplane) first flew in Februauy of 1999. Bug 4 was intended to be an improved version of Bug2, and I consider it superior. My monoplane airchairs were a furthur development of the Bug4, which is still sometimes my favorite design. The Bug4 drawings are available on my Technical Drawings Page.

Accomplishments of these elegant biplanes include the following:

Bug2 and Bug4 have demonstrated casual and comfortable airchair soaring, drogue chute landings in small fields, and novice instruction on training hills. They have been towed by trucks, winches, and ultralight airplanes. When a landing area has been available near a hilltop launch, we have taken turns making as many soaring flights as we have desired by roll launching, soaring up, and then landing back where we took off. The Bugs have soared high, if not far, and have always returned for a safe landing.

Undemonstrated safety design aspects include:

Bug2 and Bug4 performance has not been measured but seems to be about the same as a single surface hang glider. As of April 2010 only a single Bug4 is known to be currently flying .

I have flown the Bug2 and Bug4 for soaring only. I do not perform aerobatics. I consider the structural redline (maximum safe airspeed) for my flying to be 45 mph.

For liability reasons I do not provide plans or give advice, I only describe how I do things. My aviation activities are noncommercial and nonprofessional.